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Big D
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
Hey my friends,

My Names is Big D., i am always looking for good artist, to work together on bigger projects.
if you are interested, or want a request, just send me a note.
or see my animations and speedraws on Youtube...…


Tuesday: 18.00 CET
Thursday: 18.00 CET
Sunday: 18.00 CET




The account CrimsonColt7 has been suspended, which is a temporary punishment. Since his suspension, he has started using his alternate account, CCseven which is against dA policy. This means he his guilty of suspension evasion, something he needs to be reported for ASAP, as it should result in a permanent ban of his account.
There is plenty of proof of this that you can report, such as a comment he made on his own profile as well as his gallery - he reposted all of his old art.

You can use any of the comments on his profile as evidence in a report that he is active on this alternate account, Just click on the part of the comment that says the time it was posted, and it will open you up to the link to the comment itself.

Gallery -->…

He also has been sending me notes. He has made it very clear that he is only doing this because it gets him more attention.
Seriously. He actually said that.

Let's get that alternate account permanently banned! Start reporting!

Here's a link to the FAQ about Banning and suspension on dA -->


Be sure to mention BOTH accounts, the alternate as well as the suspended one. Report the alternate.

Take a deep breath, this is a LONG post.


There is a guy hunting around deviantArt and has been trying to scam people out of their artwork. He is named CrimsonColt7(I'm trying to avoid tagging him. If he finds this, he has to be searching for it). This guy has an incredibly false sense of entitlement, and if you decline his request, he basically tries to blacklist you on his profile and will harass you.

The point of this is to bring forth a ton of the incriminating evidence of his harassment from other people who have had problems with him. That way, anyone can spread this journal around and hopefully prevent anyone else from falling prey to his scheming.

It will almost always start out exactly like this:
Crimsoncolt7 The Mooch By Scificat-d9z38gw by AlyssaFoxah
Screencap by scificat


・Asks for a trade/collab ・
・If you tell him to commission instead, he claims he has no access to paypal ・
・If you accept, he asks for a free request instead ・
・If you decline his request, he will beg you to the point of harassment ・
・He claims his payment is "fame"; something he can't supply ・
・If he sends you his NSFW fanfiction, he claims "Declining is no longer an option" ・
・Blacklists you if you don't comply (in the screencap below) ・
Blocked people by AlyssaFoxah

When I asked him about it, he said...

“They Blocked me to ignored my Existences which Doesn't/Won't change anything, until they fulfilled their part of the promise they're still owe me whether in this lifetime or in the next.

Possibly the most disturbing part about this sentence is that it sounds like he intends to harass these people for the rest of their lives if he has to, just to get their free artwork.


Let me start out by saying that a search of his username comes up with some disturbing results. First you'll find his profile, then some pornographic artwork he scammed out of people, then a bunch of harassment and swindling claims like this one.Evidence from DaeBelly by AlyssaFoxah

This guy seems like he's getting pretty infamous already, but only from the people he's messed with. Just read through the comments on these journals. It's not just Daebelly, so many other people are being bothered by him, it's ridiculous. SleepingEel and magic-retina warned people about him too.
Lesson Learned...maybe?So I got blocked by this guy :iconcrimsoncolt7: because I said no to him multiple times after he begs me to do requests for him and promising fame, even though I clearly said I don't do requests.......huh.....
Oh well, better put up a note saying I don't do requests then. 
It would seem he haven't learned his lesson, as he made his new account :iconccseven: so that he can send hate-emails to other people that turned down his offer or made him look bad. You may know that his original account :iconcrimsoncolt7: has been suspended because he harass artists and their friends regardless, for not "respecting his wishes." 
Why am I not getting a hate mail from this prick? Does he even know that Luna will never be his lover?
Thanks for spreading the news :iconalyssafoxah:
[IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ!] A slight concernSo, this is more or less a rant journal, or more of a PSA. There is a User on DeviantArt known as CrimsonColt7. Now, you're probably wondering, "what happened to his policy of never mentioning someone he talks ill about?" Well, I just need to say that you should be aware of him and what he's trying to do.
About a week ago at 6:30 in the morning I checked DA and found a note. It was from CrimsonColt7 asking if I was open for requests or an art trade. Since time was tight, I said I could do an Art Trade with him but not a request. He then notified me he could only make cutie marks and logos. I thought to myself, "I could use a logo for a business if I make one," so I accepted that. Then... He rescinds the offer. No explanation, no nothing, as if to say "You know what, I'm going to try to weasel my way to getting a request." He then had the audacity to say that he'd post the 'trade' on his page, somethings I don't generally allow, since it's free booting. I said I'd have to deny the trade
<da:thumb id="596939434"/>

The above link leads to a conversation with CeeDee23 about this request in which he wants her to make an entire smutty fanfiction of his into a comic book, and he had no intentions of paying her. She denied his request, and he continued to harass her about it, saying she had no choice.

Words from CeeDee23 on this incident:
“No one should be treated this way. It is physically and emotionally scarring to be harassed by someone who doesn’t even value your existence enough to pay for your services. I know I’m not the only one that feels like this, but I want to be the last. He should never be allowed to deceive and threaten artists ever again. See him for what he is and remember that you are worth so much more than what he has done to you. YOU are the artist, and YOU have a say in what you draw and for whom you draw it. Don’t let him, or anyone, take that right away from you.”


So there I was, being faced with a best friend who was being harassed by some guy I'd never met before. I couldn't just let this slide, so I messaged him on his profile about the situation. He deleted the conversation now, but I have the whole thing screencapped here.
 Convo with Retardo el Creepo

In this conversation, he states things like:

“I warned them - but their curiosity overpowered them -  they brought this upon themself”

Throughout the conversation, he spoke about “warning” these people a total of 6 times, almost as if he had some kind of threats against them for noncompliance. When he was called out for this, he stopped replying and deleted the conversation.

He seems to feel some sort of entitlement to other people’s artwork, and he shows no value for any of them as human beings. He is only in this for personal gain and has no sense of responsibility to pay for anything. He makes me sick.


Lady-NyanMay said:
"He is a scammer and the worst thing is I think he really thinks he is the good person here. He does not see how much harm he does to the artists who fall for his scam and get on his blacklist... Seeing all this really makes me sick. I don´t get mad that often but... he brought me to a point where I really think he should disappear from this website..."

This person also provided some screenshots of their conversations here
Evidence From Lady-nyanmay by AlyssaFoxah   Evidence From Lady-nyanmay2 by AlyssaFoxah

BigDSaster said:
"He is still asking me to do a Hentai for him. Even after i told him, that i don't do Porn stuff. He also want me to do it for free. Which isn't a Big Deal, because i don't desperatly need money. And the Best Part are his words, >>once you know the Story, you can't decline <<.
Seriously, has this guy lost his mind?" 

TransmorpherDDS said:
"Hey, CC7 has been messaging me for the past week or so to try and get free art, and he doesn't seem to understand any of my explanations about why I don't want to give him free art. - I'm a porn artist, so he's been pretty explicit in his desire to get NSFW free art from me. Lol every time I use the term "free art" to describe what he expects from me, he deflects my statement by claiming "nothing is free" even though any sane person would interpret that to mean that the product I could potentially give him would be costing me money."

This person also provided me with a conversation through note that they'd had with him, which I saved here
Copy-pasted notes provided by TransmorpherDDS----------
TransmorpherDDS said the following:
I'm sorry, do you want me to recommend another artist who will produce free art for you? And please don't respond to the phrase "free art" with your canned response about nothing being free, because I feel like I've already established that it's not accomplishing the point you're trying to. I'm not trying to say that there's some other, mythical artist who will produce you infinite free art... I'm just saying that I can't promise that I'll produce any story that you share with me. 
If you submit a story idea to me, it will be posted in a poll for all 150+ of my patrons to vote on. It is also likely that I will share y our idea to my 6000+ regular readers, in the hopes that some of them will subscribe to my Patreon in order to vote in the poll. So if you have a clause in your submission that says that I'm obligated to produce your comic just because you submitted, then I cannot accept your submission, because I can not make that promis

An Anonymous User said:
"Some time ago I do a free request (random choose, I not do all, I put that rule) and when I close free request he send me notes all days , I explain he I will not do because the request are closed but he insisted "decline its not a option" I decide ignore him but one day he spam notes 38-40 notes so I decide block him
sorry for my very bad english xD"

40 notes. He spammed them all day every day, and one day he sent 40 NOTES. It doesn't get much more ridiculous than this. 


From what I can tell, he has a habit of sending hatemail to people who block him by using a different account. One of them is here
ALT account by AlyssaFoxah
Provided by OkamiMizu is a note he sent to them as an example.
ALT account shaming by AlyssaFoxah
A few comments on people's warning journals about him seems to suggest he might have a few other accounts as well, one of which had a middle finger as an icon.…

There's also an account he has called 5tallion that he uses on Inkbunny and some hentai websites, where he makes similar requests. However, it's likely he abandoned this username, since it was getting a pretty bad reputation like his current account is. He typically started out by asking "Can I make a request?" Sometimes they're perverted, many times they're related to MLP.


If he messages you:
1) Ignore him. I'd say to block him right away, but there's no guarantees he won't spam message you on a different account.
2) If you decide to answer him, no matter what you do, make sure you NEVER imply that you're considering his request. He takes "consideration" as a promise that you'll do it.
3) Reach out to others. No one should have to put up with what he's doing, and it's VERY likely that you aren't the only one. Feel free to message me about it as well.


As you can see, I take harassment very seriously. I'm determined to put an end to his shenanigans as best as possible. If you've read this far, you might be can one measly journal make a difference?? Well, YOU have the power to help make the change.


If this is circulating on the site, it'll make it infinitely more difficult for him to manipulate others and take advantage of your fellow artists. Also, this is not the only website where he is getting a bad reputation for harassment.
That link leads to all the screenshots and conversations referenced in this post.
Thank you to CeeDee23, TransmorpherDDS, BigDSaster, OkamiMizu, Lady-NyanMay, and the anonymous users who directly contributed incriminating evidence for this massive warning journal. Hopefully with our combined efforts, we can make a difference.

Evidence compiled by AlyssaFoxah


Lil Ophalia
I upload pictures like this (almost) daily on Instagram. (BigDSaster)
And once in a while, I upload big pictures.

I'd appreciate your support ^^



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